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Dear Business-Builder,

Before we talk about the enhancing your customer experience and delighting your customers, let me ask you a question ….

So, when did you last re-invent your customer experience?

No clue?....okay, let us help you think about it today.

Mystery shopping is all about enhancing your customer experience. It is a powerful tool to help you understand what it is like to interact with your company from the customer perspective. Unlike surveys, trained mystery shoppers go in looking for certain things and make detailed observations as the experience unfolds. They create reports in a specific format which will soon be available to you. We provide insights so that you precisely understand how customer delight-driving behaviors look and sound like and all the minute details of investigation.

Mystery Shoppers are individuals trained/briefed to experience and measure any customer service process, by acting as potential customers / actual customers and in some way reporting back on their experiences in a detailed and objective way.

All our Mystery Shoppers are Marketers who understand what Customer service is and how it needs to be analyzed. We highly recommend you to hire a mystery shopper and if you fall under any of these categories of business

Department Stores
Fitness Clubs & Health Spas
Health Care / Long-Term Care
Hotels & Resorts
Supermarkets & Drugstores
Restaurants & Cafes
Consumer Electronics & Appliances Retail
Financial Services
Government Services
Home Improvement & Hardware Retail
Manufacturers / Channel Distribution
Real Estate (Realtors, Leasing Consultants)
Transportation Services

And Many, Many More…

Note: This service is available only in selected cities in Switzerland, Australia, UK, India and US.

Note: Contact us to know the specific list of cities that we serve Mystery Shopper services.

It’s $150 one time for a single assignment or $100 per assignment if you hire more than 5 at once.

So, what’s next? We have made it easy for you to get started

  1. Select your need

  2. Make Payment and Hire a Mystery shopper

  3. Mail your Store Locations to us at mysteryshopper@surveycheese.com
Within a week from the date of payment, one of our mystery shopper will visit your store and will analyze the customer service experience that he received. We would also add a recommendations report to make your customer experience more delightful and better.

You may also hire a Mystery Shopper to visit your competitors store and analyze what makes them so better or what’s their edge.

Should you have more questions for us to answer; we have created a short form in contact us. Take moment to fill it out.

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