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There are more than 7 million companies actively seek out the opinions of Students, moms, working professionals, retirees and every one out there reading this text. Thousands of smart earners across the world have discovered that they can earn money simply by filling out paid online surveys or participating in paid focus groups while sitting at their desk.

According to a recent finding, companies world over are spending over $ 240 billion annually to promote their products and services to consumers like you and me. And from this budget, large chunk is being spent on research and development. They want to be well acquainted with the buying behavior of the consumer. It's very important for them to understand what influences the buying pattern of their consumer.

The best way for the companies to know their consumers well and get their unbiased opinions is to issue online surveys.

The internet helps them to cover a large spectrum of their consumer. Thus it is becoming a preferred tool for collecting consumer data.

Paid online surveys will definitely not make you rich overnight, but it will ensure a steady and consistent flow of income. Genuine paid surveys can fetch you anywhere between $2 and $ 20 per Survey. Moreover you need not devote hours and hours on these surveys. After all what is the harm if you are paid for your free time and all that you need is a computer with Internet access to get started.

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